Tuesday, 13 July 2010

New Brooch and flowers, lots of flowers!

This brooch has a beach theme, i used colours of the sea and sand and added a little dolphin charm!

Just to show you the back of it with the little clasp.

Now, here are some flowers from my garden and its all looking a bit pink!!

Sweetpeas picked fresh every couple of days.


Clemetis , a new variety called Remembrance.

Some type of Geranium, very small flower and leaf, from a cutting from my Dad!

A David Austen Rose, a rambler Alberic Barbier, its says fragrant but i cant smell a thing!
I was a bit dissapointed really.

And one of my faves is this Passionflower, which trails all across my pergola at the front of the house.

Well thats it for now folks, catch you later in the week x x x


Lyn said...

lovely flowers in your garden. I feel like I am missing out on my garden as is all up hill I'm not going out much! So thank yoy for sharing yours. The babies on the previous post are so cute!

JP said...

love all the flowers - I still only have 2 sweetpeas!!!

Diane said...

The brooch is amazing!! Your flowers look lovely too. xxxx
PS One of my friends (another St Ives Lover) has just discovered my blog and she loves your too. xxxx

Julia said...

I love summer flowers, your pictures are absolutely beautiful and I can almost smell those delicious sweet peas!

The brooch is amazing! How on earth did you make it? It looks very intricate and detailed and the blues work beautifully together, I love it!

Sending love
Julia x x x

wonderwoman said...

sweet peas are my absolute favourite!! andd your brooches are just beautiful!


Lynne said...

Hi Noelle,
Thanks for your comment. I enjoyed catching up with you the other day but didn't leave a comment, tut, tut. Must have been interupted by dog walking, on our return, Mike seems to get to the computer first!
I absolutely love your beaded brooches, they're so pretty.
I nearly bought a Passionflower the other day, wish I had now.
I hope you show some more of your babies.