Saturday, 4 September 2010

I'm back!!

Well, its been nearly a month since my last post! How the time flies. Can't believe Sam is back to school Monday! I have made up some mosaics as you can see from photos from the summer, we mainly stayed home for the holidays, with lots of trips out and not always with my camera!! oops.
Have found time to make more brooches.

Will be back on track come Monday, will be glad to get back into a routine.
Nice to see September, one of my favourite months. Husbands Birthday yesterday and Daughters birthday today, we've been out for a lovely meal!!
Judging by all your blogs ,you've all had a good summer, great, see you Monday! x x x x


Diane said...

Where did you go for your meal? So many fabulous places to eat in your neck of the woods. Lovely photos - roll on May 2011 when i'm back in town!!! (not wishing my time away or anything!!) Great to have you back! xxx

noelle said...

Thanks Diane x x x

Julies knitting corner said...

Lovely pictures Noelle you sound like you had a nice time, time dose fly your right. Catch up soon, best wishes Julie.C

Sarah said...

Hi Noelle
Great to see you back! Lovely photo's as always. Your brooches look really pretty.

Lyn said...

We missed you!
you seem to of had some lovely days out by the look of your photos.

Emma Kate said...

Yes time does fly. I love your photos they are wonderful and such beautiful brooches xxx