Wednesday, 8 September 2010

lovely day

It was a lovely day here in St. Ives today, they said we were to have rain!!!

Not sure whether i showed you this brooch, but anyway this is a rather colourful one. Each of my brooches are embroidered with differant colored threads and fibres and then beads added, all by hand. I have alot of gift boxes that i found amongst my crafty stuff, but are a bit small for some of the brooches. What i really want to do is pin the brooches on to card labels printed with my name , you know , handmade by noelle or something, i suppose i shall have to make them myself but not sure where to start, so any ideas greatly appreciated .

Also i have been doing some of my fabric pictures one of which is for my niece's baby who arrived last week, but i shall show you that when i have given it to him!!

It was nice to get back into some sort of routine this week, although i was enjoying the lazy mornings of the summer holiday. Now i'm looking forward to the Autumn, my favourite time of year.

bye for now x x


summerfete said...

Hello Noelle
Glad to have you back.
Hope you've had a productive summer!

KC'sCourt! said...

That brooch is beautiful - I love it!
Julie xxxxxxx

Diane said...

I love your brooch. Have a word with Lyn @ Everyday life - she gave me a lovely brooch pinned onto a little card that she had designed herself. It was really nice. xxxx

Sarah said...

Beautiful coloured brooch Noelle. I think they'd look lovely on some nice card.

Squiggling About said...
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Squiggling About said...

Have a look at moo cards for your label. You send them a drawing or photo and they print them for you. They look really effective, mini moo cards are really cute.

Jessie said...

I like Moo too! They do a good job :) It was such a treat today to come here to your blog and see my lovely St Ives. Well, it's not really mine but I love it there so very much! :) Your brooches are so pretty! xx

wonderwoman said...

i was gona say too! Lovely brooch! We've just had a week in Brixham and had some lovely days even though the forecast for the week was rain!!