Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Fairy Story

Been busy making more Fairy's for a Christmas Fair at the end of the month, they are all going to have tags with their names on!

Just got to think of the names, some get their names as i make them, you know, they just come to me. Going to make some more mini textile pieces too

Do you like the stripy legs?!!

Another picture of Bo showing his beautiful eyes!!!

Got another new addition of the four legged kind this week too, will tell you about her next time!!!! Not another one i hear you say, haha i think i need a small farm soon!!!

see ya soon xxxx


Julies knitting corner said...

Noelle these Fairy's are so sweet, I like the detail and colours very nice work. They will do well at the craft fair. best wishes Julie.C

p.s. hope to put my tree up soon to.

KC'sCourt! said...

I lovel those faeries they are really fun!
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Julia said...

Oh do I like these???Of course I do!! The rainbow fairy at the top leapt out at me (as most rainbowish things seem to do) - Im sure they will literally fly (scuse the pun) at the fair, they're so cute, and especially with name tags!

Much love
Julia x x x

home made gorgeous said...

Wow, these fairies are beautiful, I especially love the rainbow one, I am sure they will get snapped up! :) Sarah

Poppy Cottage said...

Love the fairies. hope you have escaped the rain. my sister in Portloe wasn't so lucky, her car got a bit buried. Mind you the idea of being worken up at 4 by burly firmen knocking on your door.....

Can't wait to see the new addition.


Sandie's Patch said...

They are gorgeous and will do well at the fair I'm sure!

Hope the weather and flooding has escaped your neck of the woods.

Sandie xx

Diane said...

Hi Noelle, Ive been thinking about you with the rain etc - hope you are on top of the hill!The fairy's are gorgeous and how brilliant that they all have a name! Oh no! Another animal! What have you got now!.xxxxxxx

Gilli said...

Love these little cuties and hope your home or venue wasn't damaged by the floods. I'm sure these little fairies will fly at the fair (no pun intended)

goldenbird said...

Oh my goodness, Bo is beautiful. How wonderful to be able to interact with an owl on a daily basis. For the record I'm one who would normally scream about a bird like that being held captive, but since he was raised in captivity and you are taking such good care of him, it's okay. I love owls so much.

I've never heard of a Bengal Eagle Owl-- not sure we have those over here.


Definitely Cornish fairies. What craft fair are you doing?

Felicity said...

i love the red one! how old is your sam? we werent going to call him sam but at the last minute we changed our minds! it really suits him i think! fliss xxx

wonderwoman said...

i love your fairies , they are just brilliant!
can't wait to hear about your new four legged friend!