Thursday, 4 November 2010

Fairy's or Angels?

I'm not sure which yet!
They have wings, wire arms and bead dangly legs, wild hair and the cutest little dresses!

hmm, Fairy's or Angels............ maybe Cornish Fairy's, that was my first idea and that is what Diane got, maybe i'll stick to that. I have some Christmas ones too but i was lucky to get any pics up at all, so will show you those again!
Now, i was in two minds whether to show you our new friend, i don't want you all up in arms about keeping a bird like this in captivity, but he has come to us from a friend who,s son has had him since he hatched and so he has been bred in captivity. Friends son has gone to Uni and wanted someone to have him who will look after him. My husband has a thing for owls and has had big birds before. We have had him for a week now and as soon as he is settled in and got used to us he will be flown regularly up in the field, first on a creance(line), so he shall have plenty of exercise. He lives in a large aviary in the garden, hes quite friendly and is very chatty, his name is Bo (short for Bilbo) He is very beautiful with the most gorgeous orange eyes, oh he is a Bengal Eagle Owl. He talks to you as soon as you go outside, its a wooooooooo rather than a twitawoooo .


I hope you are all having a good week , I cant believe its Thursday already!!


Poppy Cottage said...

Bo is lovely.

Yep, Cornish fairies sound great.

Enjoy your weekend (once it gets here!!)

KC'sCourt! said...

Bo is beautiful, and I love those Cornish Faeries they are wonderful.
Julie xxxxx

gill said...

Wow! What a beautiful bird! I wish I lived nearer I'd love to meet him

Diane said...

Fairy's - Angels are pure white. I daren't show the dancing queen your new family member as she has bugged me since Harry Potters first film to get an Owl! SHe has to make do with the one that sits and hoots on our tv ariel! She swares it is bringing her invite to Hogwarts and I keep hiding it! PS - you are going to laugh when you see what I am sending you (but it wont be for a couple of weeks!)xxxxxx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Bo is Booutiful! what an absolutely gorgeous bird.

Love the fairies they are so cute!


a mermaids purse said...

wowza amazingly stunning ;0) Bo is dad ran a small sanctuary for wild animals, we had two owls at one stage when i was little but managed to get them back to their wild life style.
Those cornish fairies are simply beautiful gems of lovely-ness!
best wishes x

Julia said...

Cornish fairies!!! They are brilliant, loving the characters they each seem to have, and the detail you have put into each is wonderful!
Your owl is also beautiful, one of my favourite birds! im sure he is in a wonderful new home with you and your family - just look at those eyes!! Captivating!

Sending love
Julia x x x

Lynne said...

Love the Cornish Fairies, and Bo is absolutely wonderful. I love his stance. He sounds very sociable.

Lyn said...

I like Cornish Fairies too! Bo is so beautiful, what aspecial bird.

wonderwoman said...

Wow, Bo is absolutely gorgeous, how amazing to be able to look after such a wonderful bird. I love the cornish fairies too!


Julies knitting corner said...

I do like Bo and I have always liked birds of prey, did you see the Sea Eagel on Autummwatch.
I love the Fairy's Noelle, nice design. best wishes Julie.C

Fleurette@ Fleur's place said...

Bo is just gorgeous! fairy's are so cute, love the wild hair!