Thursday, 25 November 2010

Here she is.......

Meet Candy!
A lovely 14.3hh coloured cob.

Along with about 9 others she needed a home after her owner sadly died .
Thankfully we only took the one!
She,s rather lovely, we've had her a week now. She has only one eye due to an infection caused by hawthorn and had to have it removed, but she has adapted well and nothing bothers her.
The two boys love her!!

Will try to get some clearer pictures when the weather picks up, but here she is in her new 'pink' rug!!
Lots of Fairy making going on here for the Craft Market at Tregenna Castle at the weekend.
Keep warm everyone x x x


Pene said...

Oh she is lovely, I so miss not having a horse anymore, you are very lucky.

Diane said...

Ah she's lovely Noelle - and very lucky to have you as her new mummy. No snow here thankfully yet - I dont want any until the DQ finishes at Uni for Christmas as she comes home across the Pennines every weekend to work and that would cause me STRESSS!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Teje said...

Hello Noelle! Candy looks adorable and I'm happy for her to get new good home with you! Younger I spent years with horses...would be so wonderful to have my own...but I'm happy with my 3 dogs and 1 cat.
It's always so great to visit you and meet your friends and see your crafts!
Sending sun and warm from Crete!

JP said...

she looks gorgeous - is she calm? enjoy

wonderwoman said...

o wow,she's gorgeous but then i'm biased!!!!


Lyn said...

Oh she's lovely and well done you for taking her on, she is a lucky lady.