Monday, 29 November 2010

Snow for St. Ives too!

This morning, we had a sprinkling of snow at 7 am and then at 8 o clock it started to snow, proper big snowflake snow and it snowed and it snowed!!

We couldn't get the car out so Ami and i walked up to the field to see to the horses, and still it snowed!

The water horses water and pipe was frozen so we had to collect them water from the river, with a wheelbarrow and water butts, over the wall, down the bank fill them up and get them across the field in the wheelbarrow!! We laughed saying it was like our own bush tucker trial!!
And still it snowed.

We got them cosy in the barn with a feed and plenty of hay, then headed for home.
Still snowing!!

Phone call at 11 o clock, school closing please pick your children up!
It stopped snowing about half twelve i think, but we are forecast more.
I haven't seen so much snow in St. Ives for a long time. Apparently right down in the town it was raining and we had thunder and lightning,weird!!
Ah well its nice to look at. I've been busy making soup and chicken curry, that should warm them all up!!!
Keep warm x x x x


WinnibriggsHouse said...

It always looks so nice, but we forget how it brings the country to a standstill. We've had more today and more forecast, so the camera has been working overtime.

Diane said...

The weather in Cornwall is always so much more dramatic than any where else - as if snow isnt enough you have to add thunder and lightning too!! I laughed at your bush tucker trial - I hope you are not turning into Gillian Mckieth!! Keep your eye out for a package arriving - if my hubby can gert to the Post Office tomorrow. xxxx

Lyn said...

You have more than we have but I think it is heading our way!
glad the horses are keeping warm, and with all that soup and curry you are too!

JP said...

this souunds a bit tooo much - hope you are back to normal soon

wonderwoman said...

its snowing like mad here - all our outside taps are frozen, so it buckets from the kitchen!!!


Julies knitting corner said...

We have no where near as much as that, we are lucky. As nice as it is, i don't like it when it goes all slushy and slippy. Nice pictures. Julie.C

Cathy said...

Snow in St. Ives..whatever next. We haven't had as much as you but more is threatened for the rest of week. I love your Christmas decorated blog. Very seasonal. The fairies/angels are so sweet too. Very pretty and I hope they sell well or have sold well depending on the situation. Cathy

Teje said...

That looks so nice but I'm sorry it gives you lots of difficulties! I hope the weather gets soon normal!
I love always to see your wonderful horses!
Sunny wishes from Crete! Teje

Julia said...

That's a right old mixture of weather you had there Noelle! Fancy it snowing like that, for some reason I can never imagine it snowing so far down as you - in my mind you are always like a magical far off land that doesn't succumb to the nasty snowy stuff!

Keep warm, sending love
Julia x x x