Saturday, 24 April 2010

George and friends!

As promised, some pictures of Georges friends, you remember George above?


Above is Jack, he,s two and a half years old

Above is Ruby on the left and Rosie, now i say Rosie but we're not 100% sure she is a girl!!! Sorry about the picture quality, here they are below in their tank, they are the best of friends and very cute! They are only a few months old so are quite small compared to George and Jack.

We shall be breeding them, my daughter has an older female, Daisy, so she will be mother to either Jacks or Georges babies. They lay several clutches of eggs from just one mating and anything up to twenty eggs per clutch!! We could be overrun shortly. Bearded Dragons are becoming very popular as pets, they all have their own little characters and are easily tamed. I didn't think i would like them when the first one arrived , that was George, but actually i really do and i think he is my favourite!!! I hope you are all having a good weekend x x

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Another beautiful day!

Happy Days!
Well, today found me doing a rather, rushed ,last minute stall up at Tregenna Castle at the Vintage car rally!

I was asked last minute and it turned out there was only me and one other lady , she was selling jewelry! The lady organising it thinks next year she will try a bit harder to find some more crafters.

I hadnt set my stall up when this was taken, we had just arrived and started to unpack. I couldn't take anymore cos my batteries failed me .

I sold several little boats and houses.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend x x x

Friday, 16 April 2010

I forgot my camera!!

Well we have had some lovely weather, but wherever i went i forgot my camera, duh!!! These are some pics i took today when i realised i hadnt posted for a while, sorry about that but we have been out and about so much! Back to school Monday so a bit more time to myself again! The wallflowers above are from the garden they smell beautiful.

This is Wizz, not quite sure how this picture got here but oh well!

Frilly Tulips!

Victoria arrived this week along with some other statues from a friend of Chris's, he didnt want them anymore, thought we would.I only liked this one!!!! We seem to get a lot of stuff from 'deals' Chris does, he's very handy and can often be found fixing strimmers, lawnmowers, bikes and allsorts for people and so he gets alot of stuff just given to him!! Anyway a few of you have asked about George the dragon, well i shall have some pics for you and not just of George but Ruby, Jack, Rosie oh and Alex!!!! Oh blimey, I'll tell you all about it! ttfn x x x x

Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy Easter

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter. The school holidays have started and so hopefully a wee bit of a lie in tomorrow, i'm thinking, maybe!!! A sneaky peek at my latest piece of work below.

Oh, and who is this!?

AHHHH, i hear you cry! Its only George. He is a recent addition to our household, he is a bearded dragon, oh i know what your thinking, but actually he is rather lovely, not in a cuddly kind of way but he is rather a character . And he has a friend, Ruby! Now Ruby is only 6 weeks old and i have yet to take her photo but she is sooo cute!!! They actually belong to Hubby and Sam , but i have become quite fond of them both!!!!!! They like to come out of their tank quite often and like to sit with you or on you and actually George makes quite a nice, if rather large brooch!!! Anyway hope you all have a lovely weekend x x x x