Saturday, 31 July 2010

Dragon update and some new stuff....

A few of you asked for some more baby dragon pictures so here they are, 3 weeks old now and very entertaining to watch!
They like the kitchen roll tubes to play on!

Wizz checking them out,see how small they are.

Thats Dad, George having a look at his babies!

Dragon pile up, this is how they like to sleep!

Moving on to some new Brooches i have got for sale over at my Folksy shop, these are the little boxes they come in.

I was in a dilema as to what to charge for them, i worked out they take about 4 hours to make plus the materials and so decided i couldn't charge less than £20 for them. I find it very difficult pricing my own stuff.

These two houses have been made for a lovely lady in Austria who has already bought two others!

I hope you are all enjoying the summer, although not sure about the weather. its been quite nice but we keep getting this fine misty rainy stuff!! Complicated weather pattern they said!!!

ttfn x x

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

New Brooch and flowers, lots of flowers!

This brooch has a beach theme, i used colours of the sea and sand and added a little dolphin charm!

Just to show you the back of it with the little clasp.

Now, here are some flowers from my garden and its all looking a bit pink!!

Sweetpeas picked fresh every couple of days.


Clemetis , a new variety called Remembrance.

Some type of Geranium, very small flower and leaf, from a cutting from my Dad!

A David Austen Rose, a rambler Alberic Barbier, its says fragrant but i cant smell a thing!
I was a bit dissapointed really.

And one of my faves is this Passionflower, which trails all across my pergola at the front of the house.

Well thats it for now folks, catch you later in the week x x x

Sunday, 11 July 2010


Look, they started hatching last night, when we went to bed there was three out!
Six hatched this morning another six to go !!

They are just so small and cute and rather funny to watch once they get going, after all the effort of fighting their way out of the egg they spend about an hour just lying there exhausted, we thought the first one was dead, then suddenly he just started running around!!!

More pictures to follow i expect.

As promised , my fresh cream and strawberry sponge and my bread but forgot to photograph the soup, Brocolli and Stilton, hmmm it was delish!!

Those are or were sunflower seeds on the top but we kept picking them off!!!

Later i have some flower photos to show and some more brooches, i've been very busy. And i have two houses to make for a lady in Venice who bought two and now wants some more!! Its all go ere you know! Right, back up to the nursery to check the babies x x x

Dog walking and Brooch making!

This is Jodie, my happy smiley dog! Not mentioned her much on my blog but she is a big part of my life really. We got her about 5 years ago from the local Dog Rescue Centre, we think she is about 9 years old and shes just the most lovely little dog, bit of a heinz 57 really but i think with a bit of collie! Shes here on her favourite walk up Rosewall hill, she also comes up to the horses with us, and they take great delight in chasing her!

Found something in there!

We walk to the top and sit and take in the view, but she doesnt let you rest for long!!

Made a few new Beaded Brooches this week......

I love making these and last year sold a load before Christmas. I have little card boxes to put them in, will have to get some up for sale i think!

Today i have been busy making homemade soup, bread and fresh strawberry and cream sponge! hmmmmm will post some pictures of that tomorrow! Hope you've all had a good weekend x x x x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

New work

We had one day of rain, non stop all day! But we needed it the garden and field were very dry.
Its beautiful again now. See the pretty boats in the harbour the other day. Thought i would show you some of my little boats i have been very busy stitching new pictures i have a few finished ready to be put in their frames.
Boat and seagull.

Sunset in Mousehole.

Little Boats and Seagulls.

I am in the middle of some Seahorses now, will show you when they are finished.
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, the Fair is in town so we,ve been there this afternoon. I don't do the rides very well but i do do the candyfloss,but not a bit to be found, i am very dissapointed!! See you in the week x x x