Monday, 29 November 2010

Snow for St. Ives too!

This morning, we had a sprinkling of snow at 7 am and then at 8 o clock it started to snow, proper big snowflake snow and it snowed and it snowed!!

We couldn't get the car out so Ami and i walked up to the field to see to the horses, and still it snowed!

The water horses water and pipe was frozen so we had to collect them water from the river, with a wheelbarrow and water butts, over the wall, down the bank fill them up and get them across the field in the wheelbarrow!! We laughed saying it was like our own bush tucker trial!!
And still it snowed.

We got them cosy in the barn with a feed and plenty of hay, then headed for home.
Still snowing!!

Phone call at 11 o clock, school closing please pick your children up!
It stopped snowing about half twelve i think, but we are forecast more.
I haven't seen so much snow in St. Ives for a long time. Apparently right down in the town it was raining and we had thunder and lightning,weird!!
Ah well its nice to look at. I've been busy making soup and chicken curry, that should warm them all up!!!
Keep warm x x x x

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Here she is.......

Meet Candy!
A lovely 14.3hh coloured cob.

Along with about 9 others she needed a home after her owner sadly died .
Thankfully we only took the one!
She,s rather lovely, we've had her a week now. She has only one eye due to an infection caused by hawthorn and had to have it removed, but she has adapted well and nothing bothers her.
The two boys love her!!

Will try to get some clearer pictures when the weather picks up, but here she is in her new 'pink' rug!!
Lots of Fairy making going on here for the Craft Market at Tregenna Castle at the weekend.
Keep warm everyone x x x

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Sorrrrryyyyyyy, not allowed to put my tree up yet so I had to decorate something, so my blog it was!!!! hahahaha!! Photos tomorrow of the new addition, i've lost my camera , i think I left it up in the stable!!!! ooops. xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Fairy Story

Been busy making more Fairy's for a Christmas Fair at the end of the month, they are all going to have tags with their names on!

Just got to think of the names, some get their names as i make them, you know, they just come to me. Going to make some more mini textile pieces too

Do you like the stripy legs?!!

Another picture of Bo showing his beautiful eyes!!!

Got another new addition of the four legged kind this week too, will tell you about her next time!!!! Not another one i hear you say, haha i think i need a small farm soon!!!

see ya soon xxxx

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Fairy's or Angels?

I'm not sure which yet!
They have wings, wire arms and bead dangly legs, wild hair and the cutest little dresses!

hmm, Fairy's or Angels............ maybe Cornish Fairy's, that was my first idea and that is what Diane got, maybe i'll stick to that. I have some Christmas ones too but i was lucky to get any pics up at all, so will show you those again!
Now, i was in two minds whether to show you our new friend, i don't want you all up in arms about keeping a bird like this in captivity, but he has come to us from a friend who,s son has had him since he hatched and so he has been bred in captivity. Friends son has gone to Uni and wanted someone to have him who will look after him. My husband has a thing for owls and has had big birds before. We have had him for a week now and as soon as he is settled in and got used to us he will be flown regularly up in the field, first on a creance(line), so he shall have plenty of exercise. He lives in a large aviary in the garden, hes quite friendly and is very chatty, his name is Bo (short for Bilbo) He is very beautiful with the most gorgeous orange eyes, oh he is a Bengal Eagle Owl. He talks to you as soon as you go outside, its a wooooooooo rather than a twitawoooo .


I hope you are all having a good week , I cant believe its Thursday already!!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

No photos!

Today, for some reason, i can't upload any photos!?! A bit annoying as i've got stuff to show you!! So i shall try again later or tomorrow. I have some new Cornish Fairies that i have designed and made and another new member of the household, well actually the garden and let me tell you he,s a bit special!! Has that got you thinking? Well as soon as blogger lets me get my pics up all will be revealed!!!!!!