Wednesday, 2 March 2011

First day of Spring?

Was it the first day of spring yesterday? This photo above was taken on Monday, I think that was the first day of Spring, it was a beautiful day, and now its a bit overcast and really quite cold!

Yesterday we went to Godrevy to remember my Mum, not that we ever forget her, but it was three years since she passed away, this was her very favourite place to be, one of mine too.

I,ve been busy with my Little Houses, this is the latest Cherry Cottage!!!
The first Fairytale Cottage has gone off to Vienna

I'm off to catch up with your blogs, I've got a few hours of peace and quiet which seems to be quite rare these days. There seems to be so much going on at the moment!
I hope you're all having a good week xxx.


Diane said...

I love Godrevy too (who wouldn't). xxxxxxx

Julia said...

Beautiful flowers, beautiful lighthouse, gorgeous sewing work as usual!

Love Julia x

Lyn said...

Spring is here, I can feel it!
Lovely little cottage I would love to live there!

wonderwoman said...

Brrrr...doesn't feel very springlike here - freezing. Loving your very gorgeous houses though!


gillyflower said...

Your little cottages are so pretty - i love all the detail!
The daffs look lovely - raises the spirits

Jessie said...

A liitle chilly still but it's a fantastic blue sky though isn't it?Godrevy looks like a lovely place. Your little house houses are so sweet and pretty!xx