Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Its a Beautiful day!!

It's such a beautiful day today!
The last few days we have had a whole lot of coastal mist/fog, couldn't see a thing!
But not today, so me and my dawg went off down the beach!!

Was great, we had a quick wander around town and then back home for a cup of tea and a bacon buttie!!
Now ain't that the way to start the day!!

Oooh I think its definately Spring, don't you? xxxxx


Claire said...

Gorgeous pics, look at all those Daffodils, beautiful.
I do like the sound of a cup of tea and a bacon buttie.

Great start to the day.

Claire :)

Sandie's Patch said...

Oooh I would love to have joined you in a walk on the beach...and a cup of tea and a bacon buttie too!

Lovely pics.

Sandie xx

Diane said...

Just grabbing my bucket and spade - i'll be with you as soon as I can! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

That's my idea of heaven! Those photos have got me longing for St Ives again. I hope it's still lovely like that in October! Isn't this warm weather such a relief after the winter we've had?

Lyn said...

Oh lucky you to live close to the sea! I miss the sea!!!
Beautiful pictures and yes, I thinkit is SPRING!

wonderwoman said...

that is the most perfect way to start the day - you are sooo lucky to live by the sea!!!


Lynne said...

A grear way to start the day. And all those daffs, too!

Jenny said...

Hi Noelle,

Just thought I would say hi on here - already follow you on facebook too :) Your morning walk looks absolutely amazing, I am so jealous of anyone living by the sea, it looks stunning!! I will keep dreaming of living in a place like that :) Have a lovely weekend, Jenny xxx