Tuesday, 5 April 2011


April already, blimey, where does the time go! I have 3 family Birthdays this month, oh actually 4, because it was Harry's on the 1st April. You remember Harry, one of the Shetland Ponies! I shall have some photos of them in my next post. In fact the whole of my next post will be dedicated to all our four legged friends oh and the two winged friend, and news of a new one although not strictly mine, my daughters!!!

So, what have I been up to..............

New piece of work, 'Seagulls in St. Ives' and I am doing a commision for somebody, which is inspired by the Isles of scilly!!! These are my favourite things to sew, I love them, from the designing to the choosing of colours and the sewing. I've got sketchbooks full of designs that will probably take a lifetime to create, if there was just more hours in the day!!!

I have been making these too, little boat hangies!!!!

I'm not sure if I showed you these, my Little House Hangies!!
So things are pretty busy here for me at the moment.

Will be back later in the week with an Animal post and possibly the odd beach scene,cos it was on the News today that St. Ives has the best beaches in the UK !!!

But then we knew that anyway!!!!



Lynne said...

Ohh you have been busy. They all look so cheery, lovely to have hanging around.

KC'sCourt! said...

I love your work - I love the hanging boats
Julie xxxxxxxx

Jenny said...

Love your new seagulls piece, very Summer-y, it's lovely! Could just do with being somewhere like that right now ;) Jenny x

Diane said...

SShhhh dont go telling anyone else about the beaches - I struggle to get a decent spot as it is!!! I love all your sewing Noelle - the little boats are brilliant.xxx

Jessie said...

They are gorgeous! I love your designs!xx

wonderwoman said...

your sewing is soo lovely!


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