Friday, 20 May 2011


Here he is, the new addition!!!

He is actually my daughter's puppy.
He is a Chihuahua/yorkie, he's very small!!

He has settled well and everyone loves him, including the cats!!

Will be back soon ,just a quickie today!!

End of the week again and I have a date with Captain Jack Sparrow tonight ooohhhh can't wait!!!!


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Awwww he is so cute!

My youngest keeps asking for a puppy, i would like one too but cant decide what breed to have there are so many that I think a lovely!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

ooooooH oooooooH! He is just adorable! I have a chihuahua called Betty - she is 1/8 th Yorkie although looks like a perfect Chi - her temprement is definitely terrier though and she rules the roost!

summerfete said...

Hello Noelle hope you are well?
Can I be really original and say


Rubyred said...

Such a little treasure!
Enjoy your date!
Rachel x

Diane said...

Beat you to it - pop over and have a look at Jack on my blog! Love the new arrival xxxxxx

Miss Holly said... ....gosh....he is just the sweetest little man...I wish I could just go right through the computer for a happy for you all!!!

Lyn said...

I look forward to reading all about Elmo and seeing more cute pictures of him!

wonderwoman said...

Elmo is just lovely and what a brilliant name!!


Jessie said...

Too cute, like a little teddy bear!xx


Ha ha! Now I see why you love your new addition! :o)

So very lovely to meet you yesterday Noelle. I really enjoyed our day with Lesley and Diane and your beautiful gifts to me are so very special. Yes, I would love to meet up again for a cup of tea some time soon. Carolyn xo

Captain Jack Sparrow??????
Hands off!!!!!

potterjotter said...

He is really sweet and I don't normally like dogs, so that's saying something!