Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sewing Box!!

Just wanted to show you my new posh sewing box!

Its not actually a sewing box but a champagne and truffles box, left behind in a hotel room after a wedding!! My daughter works there, found it, thought of me, checked with the boss she could take it and voila, a perfect sewing box!!

Its very sturdy and even has proper little hinges on the lid!

I was so excited, 'its just a box , mum' she said!!!

Noooo, its so much more than just a box my girl!!

Have a good week all!!!


Diane said...

What a find!! You are right - it is so much more than a box! Congratulate your daughter on her fantastic wombling tendacies xxxxx

Lynne said...

How lovley. Just right for lots of little sewing bits and pieces.

caisey said...

WOW! Is all I can say it is fantastic - congratulate your daughter for salvaging the box I think I would have probably done the same!
Julie xxxxxx

Clare said...

PERFECT! And what a gorgeous colour too!

Pomona said...

A fantastic box! I remember my mother using a chocolate box with drawers as her sewing box when I was small.

Pomona x

Pene said...

Oh WOW that is so impressive,and it's like a tiffany blue colour. I love it and am so so jealous!!

Julia said...

A great find indeed!! What a beautiful colour it is (my favourite colour in the world) and just right for all your bits and bobs!!

Love to you,
Julia x

Jessie said...

Tis just a box but a great one!xx

wonderwoman said...

what a perfect box for your sewing needs - and certainly one that is unique!