Tuesday, 9 August 2011


A drive out today with a picnic lunch.

Just a short car journey over to Gwithian and Hells Mouth.

If my photos look a bit wonky, it was very windy!

Cleared a few cobwebs though.

Glad I'm living here right now.



a mermaids purse said...

amazzzzzzing view x
love your textile pieces on the previous postings x

crafts@home said...

Wish I was too.... It's windy here too, without the beautiful views....Love the new header :)
Sue Xxx

Poppy Cottage said...

Yes yoou sure do live in a fantastic part of the world. How busy is it in St Ives? Least you can get in the car and escape!! Just found a fantastic part of Dorset that I didn't know about!! The back to the job of painting the front of the house but the plumbers are putting in my new to me gas cooker, tiles off the wall, sink moved, just have the urge to cry!!

Can I come and camp in your field??

Julia said...

I bet you are too!! It would be a lie to say I wasn't envious Noelle, I'm going green with envy right now lol!! Thanks for such gorgeous, bright sunny pictures!

Love Julia x x x