Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Work in progress

Here's my Mermaid being made into a hanging.

Her hair colour has changed!

I've painted her face, that was a scary moment as it was already stitched in place when I decided I would paint it, shes missing some eyelashes and pink cheeks but they will be added later.

When I learnt to Applique I was taught to do invisible stitching, which I did for years, but now I don't like to! I like my stitches to show, it adds a bit of decorative something,I think , AND I quite often use different colours, so there!!!!!!!Hahaha!

I am going to have lots of fun with this quilt as its going to be full of little fishes, shells and anything else I can think of!!!

Hope you're all doing something creative, see you soon xx


KC'sCourt! said...

The Mermaid hanging is so cute. She is perfect.
I also love the picture in the heading,
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

summerfete said...

Hello Noelle how's St Ives?
We are hoping to pop down soon!

Looks like you are having fun with a needle too!

Lyn said...

Wish I was Noelle, boring course work for me! I am looking forward to seeing the quilt all done-no pressure!

Bee happy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog cos now I get to follow your sweet blog :) I love your mermaid and your houses. I adore the seaside so your photos have cheered me up cos it's raining here in Yorkshire. Have you entered my ribbon giveaway? It's on the sidebar on my blog :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

crafts@home said...

She is beautiful, nothing creative for me at the mo, glued to the computer once again :/
Sue Xxx

wonderwoman said...

she's looking great!!


Lynne said...

I think she's going to look fantastic.

Diane said...

I can't wait to see how she turns out. She'll be a stunner I bet. xxxxx

Jessie said...

Hi Noelle, lucky you living in St Ives :) I absolutely LOVE it there and daydream about staying there forever. It's great to see your mermaid drawings spring to life in fabric!xx

Kat W said...

Hi Noelle - just discovered you via your comment on Jessie's blog and just wanted to compliment you on your beautiful textile art - you create gorgeous art!

Thought I may connect up with you on etsy but I see you're on folksy. Folksy looks great but I'm not sure I can cope with it on top of etsy just at the moment. But at least I can visit you & your creations in blogland & facebook:-)

Kat (Also from Cornwall)

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