Thursday, 8 September 2011

Seaside swap

 Wow, look at all the goodies I got in my Seaside swap parcel, I was sooooo, excited! Let me run you through it....... boat bunting, mermaid teacosy, seahorse suncatcher,little boat brooch,lighthouse tin which inside were fish earrings, shell heart, the cutest glass seagull, seashell chocs and a bag of those lovely little pink foamy shrimp sweeties. I was delighted.  Typical of me I forgot to photograph the things I sent! der!! But you can check out Sue's blog to see her parcel of seaside goodies!
Before I go please meet Archie, my new baby!!!! He's a Water Dragon, he's so cool and alot greener than in the photo, I must try to take some better photos of him.

Bye for now!!


Diane said...

I Imagine that one year when I come down to St Ives, on a rainy day I shall be visiting "Noelles tropical house" and menagerie as you will have outgrown your house and will have become a visitor attraction! My son is in Newquay this week and says he's glad he's not in a tent!!!! XXXXX

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

A gorgeous swap package :o)

You live in our most favourite area you lucky lady!
I love all your quilts too :o)

Kind regards,

KC'sCourt! said...

My what wonderful pressies
Hope you enjoyed yourself
Julie xxxxx

dosierosie said...

I had Sue as a swap partner at midsummer, she is so generous isn't she. Great parcel.

wonderwoman said...

wow what a fantastic lot of goodies - such a lovely swap partner!!


crafts@home said...

Glad you enjoyed your 1st swap :) I loved the goodies you sent me, thank you so much. That water dragon looks gorgeous, I want one!
Sue Xxx

Purpletreebird said...

I love seaside goodies. What a lovely bunch of treasures you have there!xx