Friday, 20 May 2011


Here he is, the new addition!!!

He is actually my daughter's puppy.
He is a Chihuahua/yorkie, he's very small!!

He has settled well and everyone loves him, including the cats!!

Will be back soon ,just a quickie today!!

End of the week again and I have a date with Captain Jack Sparrow tonight ooohhhh can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sewing Box!!

Just wanted to show you my new posh sewing box!

Its not actually a sewing box but a champagne and truffles box, left behind in a hotel room after a wedding!! My daughter works there, found it, thought of me, checked with the boss she could take it and voila, a perfect sewing box!!

Its very sturdy and even has proper little hinges on the lid!

I was so excited, 'its just a box , mum' she said!!!

Noooo, its so much more than just a box my girl!!

Have a good week all!!!

Monday, 2 May 2011


Had to show you these again, now a small flock, there was more but I sold them!!!

We,ve had some lovely sunsets lately.

'Gone to the beach' small hanging

'Mermaid in the Harbour' This piece has been ongoing for some time but I finally finished it and it has gone in my Folksy Shop.

This is the beginnings of a new piece which I am going to enter into a quilt competition in Coast Magazine , it has to be at least 40cmx60cm and coastal themed, so I shall give it a go!!!
Oh and its got to be done by July!!! Better get a wriggle on then!! xx