Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lovin' Town right now!

A Sunday stroll around town.

Look! hardly anyone around, just how I like it!!!

Its been a beautiful day but very,very cold brrrrrr!

I have to say, I wish it was like this all the time.

Hope you,ve all had a lovely weekend.

More dolls to show you this week!!



selfsewn@summerfete said...

mmm just how I like it too.
we stopped off in august, never again!

MelMel said...

You really live a in a beautiful looks stunning on a day like today!

Diane said...

But then you wouldnt get me in town!!! And it wouldnt stay so nice. I remember in the early 1980's when everyone stopped going to Cornwall for hols and went to Spain instead - except I still had a trip and St Ives was a bit dire! A lot of the lovely cottages has DSS occupants and were really run down. Be thankful for the hoards that come and spend, but savour the times when you get it to yourself. Theres nothing saddder than a "has been" seaside town. xxxx

jane and the happy crow said...

We love St Ives in the winter when nobody there its so lovely to stroll around the back streets and the beaches when its quiet. We go there virtually every week from November to Easter, should meet up one day? And yes it was blinking cold today in that wind, we were on the beach near home and a real gale blowing! X

Poppy Cottage said...

Looks lovely. Bit like West Bay and Bridport at the moment. It is so nice to actually be able to be able to walk around your home town minus the holiday makers, but yes, like Diane says we do need them (but isn't it nice when they are in their own homes - even if it is for just a couple of months!!)

That was really cheap for the dolls. I wish my daughter wasn't so grown up other wise I'd have gone for one they were so nice.


wonderwoman said...

Gorgeous photos. Xx

Dotty said...

ahhh the beach at winter - my favourite - beautiful photos xxx

Lyn said...

going to the seaside in winter on a crisp day is one of my favourite things!
lucky you

Clare said...

Ever since moving to a seaside town - hubby and I always comment on how Winter is so much prettier than summer!
Although my run along the sea front was a little brisk this morning!!

Abbiefh said...

I got married in that church on Bedford Road. I love St Ives!

Claire said...

Beautiful photos, Noelle, how wonderful to stroll along the beach and have it all to yourself.

Claire :}