Saturday, 21 January 2012


First Daffs of the year (not from the garden)

I've been very busy with my dolls, I'm pleased to say! I'm finding it increasingly difficult using the kitchen table as my workspace, there's just not enough room, I really need to spread out more and be able to leave stuff out not have to pack everything away every what seems like five minutes!

I have all my sewing bits and pieces in different parts of the house, some under the bed in boxes, some in the bottom of the spare wardrobe,some in a pine box in the hallway, I just want to have everything in one space. Its not going to happen anytime soon.

See Elmo there, we share that chair, he creeps in behind me onto the cushion!
My little sewing companion.

Pretty Maids all in a row!

I've given my dolls a collective name of 'li'l Maids'

Maids is a well used word down here in Cornwall!!

They all come with a vintage handmade tag with their name stamped on, and on their dresses is a Li'l maids tag.

I'm still making my little houses too!

I'm going to spend this evening updating my Folksy and Etsy shops. I want to make some scones too and a cake, the nicey tins are empty!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



West Side of Straight said...

Love your "Li'l Maids"! They're so cute all dressed up!

Diane said...

What a perfect little crowd - they are gorgeous. I think you have another winner on your hands Noelle. xx

KC'sCourt! said...

Love the pretty maids!
It took me twenty years to have a space of my own, everything was everywhere including under the stairs - I still use the kitchen table, but at least I can just put everything in a box and take to my room without having to put it away properly!
Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

Poppy Cottage said...

They really do look lovely. Glad you are still finding time to do your houses.

Down for a quick sister visit on the 11th. Apparently there is a fantastic jumble sale I can not miss!!


wonderwoman said...

They are all soo lovely! Xxx