Thursday, 9 February 2012

No snow here......

.....just a few rather frosty mornings.

These pictures were taken up at the ponies field, just 2 mins up the road.
Thats Rosewall hill you can see, it was a beautiful day today and the sun melted the frost quite quickly, you can see the frost still, in the shade.

Nice and cosy in the barn with some hay.

Happy as you like!

Its peaceful here.

Oh, thanks to Diane over at Heartshaped I had a little play around on with my doll pictures, how fun!

I might do one for my blog header.

Have a good weekend



Lynne said...

It looks a completely different day to here where it's been grey all day with some snow this afternoon. I've just taken the dogs out, and the snow is lovely and sparkly in the moonlight.
Those ponies do look cosy.

Miss Holly said...

oh your pictures are gorgeous!!! The frost's like diamonds on the plants....and your beautiful what you do!!!! oh don't want to forget the ponies sweet!

Diane said...

I WANT TO BE IN ST IVES!!!!!!!!!! But you knew that anyway. Have you added the sparkly bits using pixlr yet? By clicking on the coloured dial at the bottom? xxxx

heidi said...

Lucky you..we had quite a lot here at the weekend & it is still hanging about!!
It looks pretty at first then the novelty wears off!
My osi loves it though he gets soooo excited. x