Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Sun,some new work and an Exhibition.

 Haven't we had some beautiful weather?  We nipped over to Hayle beach one morning for a walk and had the whole beach almost to ourselves, wonderful!

 See Godrevy lighthouse in the distance?

 The next day was beautiful too so we walked up Rosewall Hill, a lovely view down into St. Ives, you can just see the Island in the haze.
 When we reached the summit,somebody had beat us to it and left a flag!!!

 I have a new piece of work to show you, my Lighthouse Textile Art hanging and a new Pink Art House.I've used lots of different fabrics on the hanging with alot of handstitching and some real shells, oh and a piece of driftwood for hanging.

 My Art House was made from hand painted fabric, scraps of cheesecloth frayed and melted, beautiful vintage mother of pearl buttons, a lovely old key and I stamped some text on to a teabag and stitched it on with a scattering of beads.
Also last week I went to see my friend Carolyn at her and her friend Jo's fabulous exhibition.
 Actually I went twice because the first time I forgot to write a comment in the little book, handmade book too!

 There they are Carolyn on the right and Jo. One of Carolyns beautiful quilts on the wall behind.
The table between them was full of lovely goodies including art cards and some gorgeous beads, which I already have some of but bought some more anyway cos they are just soooo nice!

 Another of Carolyns beautiful quilts and below, one of her cards I bought.

 If you haven't seen Carolyns work or want to see more pictures of her exhibition visit her here
And Jo and her work can be found here

I hope you all made the most of the beautiful weather, I'm off to visit your blogs to see what you've been up to!


Diane said...

Now I feel like I missed the party! You know how much I would have loved to have been there - and with you and Carolyn too. Your work is taking on a new and very interesting twist - and as ever I love it Noelle. Hope we can meet up again when I visit late July/early August this time. Thant beach won't be as empty then! xxxx

Liz said...

Love the little pink house - beautiful!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

crafts@home said...

Your work is so beautiful, and I love the photos around St. Ives, I am so envious of you being there all year!
Sue Xxx

Gilli said...

Beautiful local photos - reminds me of my honeymoon! I really love those little houses. Gilli @ TCS ;-)

Lyn said...

Oh lucky you to go to the exhibition...twice!
I love your lighthouse piece, and would fit into the exhibition perfectly!

wonderwoman said...

i soo love all your houses and am very envious of those lovely beach walks! xxxxxxxxxxx

Poppy Cottage said...

I was hoping to get to my sisters to be able to go to the exhibition but ended up with a few extra night shifts so misses out.

I love the pink house, did see it on face book and really love the teabag idea.

Can you recommend some where nice and fairly cheap that I could stay for a couple of nights in the summer with Josie (and possibly her friend). I am very honoured that my 18 year old is happy to come away with me for a couple of days to St Ives ((but no tent apparently!!))

Hope you are enjoying this fantastic weather too. Dorset is hot and sunny!!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Gwithian's such a lovely spot isn't it, Noelle. There's so much space! Really like your new work too. x

Indianna said...

I also went to the exhibition - very inspiring...and your houses are cute too.