Sunday, 2 September 2012

An Angel to guide you through your toughest day.

An Angel to wash all your tears away.

An Angel to firmly hold your hand.

An Angel to talk to, someone to understand.

An Angel to comfort you through a hard time.

An Angel to give you hope that everything will be fine.

An Angel to show you the strength to cope.

An Angel so beautiful, an Angel called Hope.

Poem by Susan Brealey, Angel by me


Country Rabbit said...

love the angel and boats x

Poppy Cottage said...


Jose and I are coming to St Ives for a couple of days before she goes back to London for good (hear the quiver in my voice?? she has got a new job so it means she doesn't have to come home for the holidays from College).

Hope the weather is fine with you on Thursday and Friday!!


crafts@home said...

Love it, cant wait for the autumn now :)
Sue Xxx

wonderwoman said...

just lovely! xxx

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