Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Another day, another doodle

 Do you doodle? I doodle all the time, when I'm on the phone, when I'm watching t.v, sitting at the kitchen table. Most of my doodles end up in the bin, mainly because they are on scraps of paper or old envelopes. This book I found after my Mum died, it had never been used so Dad said I could keep it, it's blank sheets not lined, ideal!
So, said book has been allocated for doodling!!!

 So you can have a peek at my doodles, lots of flowers, hearts and a few little houses!
I do love little houses!!

Did you notice little yappy dog in the book, well, here he is!

Enjoy the rest of your week xx


MissGinger said...

i love to doodle - thanks for sharing yours. x

KC'sCourt! said...

Wonderful doodles - they are works of art!
Julie xxxxxxxx
PS must add this quickly the "please prove your not a robot" word for your blog today for me was "artyness"
Julie xxxxxxxx

Maria said...

I doodle too, good idea to use your book for doodles. Nice doodles and nice book too, Yappy dog is very cute!

dosierosie said...

Wish my doodles were that good.

Pomona said...

I have a thing about notebooks, but I am not a doodler - I make notes, wordsmith that I am!

Pomona x